Native Grasses

River Park South has native grasses along the Perimeter Highway between St. Anne’s Road and St. Mary’s Road. Native Plant Solutions, a division of Ducks Unlimited Canada has teamed up with Qualico Communities to raise the bar for environmental responsibility and to evolve landscaping practices. 

As they do not require fertilizer or routine watering, the native grasses between the Perimeter Highway and private property fences are easier for the City of Winnipeg to maintain than traditional sod and are far healthier for the environment as a whole. 

Native grasses help create a healthier neighbourhood and offer a natural landscape for residents to enjoy.


  • Require no watering or fertilizer and much less mowing

  •  Require little-to-no pesticide use

  •  Aid in reducing soil erosion due to wind or water

  •  Provide habitat and shelter for birds and animals

  •  Absorb carbon from the air and help purify the soil

  •  Provide texture and colour change with the seasons

  •  Not attractive to Canada Geese or gophers

Please note: Native grasses in public areas (i.e. adjacent to but not on your property) should not be disturbed in any way.